Care for those who Care

The demanding, continuous, challenging and rewarding role oncology nurses have is one that is respected throughout the healthcare community. Patients, caregivers and patient families rely heavily on the physical, mental and emotional contributions made by oncology nurses daily. The high-intensity environment of oncology care has the potential to take a toll on any individuals well-being. As a vital member of the healthcare team, it is important to re-iterate the importance of the nurses role, and to provide additional resources to ensure supportive care for this special cohort of individuals.

Listed in the additional reading section are articles, journals, and other information specifically for oncology nurses that explore important underlying factors facing oncology nurses today including, but not limited to:

  • Emotional, physical and psychological stresses associated with the oncology field with some examples of coping mechanisms
  • The positive impact of oncology nurses on outcomes and patient’s quality of life

Additional Reading:

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